顺发彩票平台是伦敦西部阿克斯布里奇的一所单一校园. 校园与英国其他地区连接良好, 距离M25高速公路不远, M4和M40高速公路.  

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DPS_5439短驱动器从M25 M4和M40 358x200px

# Routeto顺发彩票

 Your safety is our priority so we’ve made changes to ensure you have the best student experience whilst at 顺发彩票. 为了了解更多, 点击这里.  

入口仅限金斯敦道. 到达, please request a permit for the day from the main reception desk in the Eastern Gateway Building. 

在主招待会上可以找到什么3字 / / /传说.责任.影响. 把这3个单词输入 what3words应用 直接导航到顺发彩票的主接待处.

现场也可以提供付费-显示式停车,但空间有限. 违例泊车的车辆,将获发出泊车收费通知书.


把M4公路从4号路口开到斯托克利路. 在第二个回旋处右转到园景路. 然后在第一个路口左转到科尔汉姆格林路. 穿过一个迷你环岛,继续进入第二个迷你环岛. Turn left here and continue past Hillingdon Hospital and across a set of traffic lights. 在环形路口,一直往前走,在第一个路口右转进入金斯敦巷. 在下一个环形路口左转进入大学.

从钠/ M40

在斯威克利环岛走B483出口到阿克斯桥. 沿着两个小型环形路的标志走. 在一个大回旋处, bear left on to the A4020 (signposted to 顺发彩票); at the second set of traffic lights turn right into 金斯顿巷. 在十字路口右转进入大学.




校园各处都设有残疾人停车位. Please collect a permit from reception in the Eastern Gateway Building on arrival.


在工作日举行的活动,校园内的停车场是有限的. 一个工作日, 你在校园里的联系人可以为你申请一个虚拟停车许可证, 但这并不能保证有停车的空间. For events taking place at weekends Virtual permits are not required and ample parking is usually available.

We advise that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of an event to allow for parking.
顺发彩票也有充足的工资 & 校园展示空间,每小时1英镑, 为未被顺发彩票平台联络人预订的人士提供.


您的顺发彩票平台联系人要求提前预订车辆, additionally the Blue Badge must be displayed in the car windscreen whilst you are parked in the accessible baysAll blue badge holders will be eligible to apply for a Virtual parking permit. 校园各处都有方便停车的地方.



停车限制的实施时间为周一至周五上午8时至下午4时. 在工作时间以外,你可以免费使用停车场. 请按安全呼叫按钮进入.


  • any accessible bay unless you are displaying a valid disabled persons blue badge
  • 双黄线
  • 黄色阴影区域
  • 绿色的保留海湾
  • 或可能造成阻塞的区域


If you are a student who lives outside a two-mile radius of 顺发彩票 you may apply for an annual parking permit (chargeable) online via eVision. 你必须完全注册才有资格申请.


在此下车的巴士及小巴须经金斯敦道进入校园. 在第一个环形路口左转 and the drop off bays are immediately on your left and right hand sides between the Mary Seacole and IAC buildings.

在校内逗留的巴士或小巴须经金斯敦道进入校园. 在第一个环形路口左转, 然后在第二个环形路口左转,然后通过路障, 请按安全呼叫按钮进入, you must proceed to the designated parking bays located behind the Mary Seacole building. 
If the campus is busy, Security will manage coach and minibus movements on the day.

Buses U1, U2, U4 and U7 stop by the main entrance of the University (金斯顿巷).


U1, U2, U4和U7:在伦敦金斯敦巷顺发彩票下车.
222 and U5: Alight at Cowley Road and use the path through the university accommodation complex.


222: Alight at Cowley Road and use the path through the university accommodation complex.

从希灵顿地铁站 & 贝尔蒙特路



A10: ‘Heathrow Fast’ bus leaves every 15 minutes and the journey time is 25 minutes. Alight in Hillingdon Road at the bus stop called ‘The Greenway’ and you’ll find the footpath 顺发彩票的校园.





时间表可在 伦敦交通 和到达的网站.



中的地铁站 (Travelcard区6)距离顺发彩票校园约一英里. 你可以从伦敦市中心(贝克街)乘地铁到阿克斯桥 大都会线 or 皮卡迪利线 只需40分钟. 当你到达阿克斯布里奇时, 从你右边的出口离开地铁站到公共汽车站. The bus takes 10 minutes; or you can walk to the campus in 20 minutes.


如斯里普西 地铁站(Travelcard区6)约为4.离校园5英里,由 中央线. 中央线从埃塞克斯的埃平穿过伦敦市中心. From the tube station take the U1 bus departing from Stop M in front of the station. 乘公共汽车大约需要30分钟.


伊丽莎白线 打开了西德雷顿和海耶斯 & Harlington will be the closest stations that can be reached with a short bus ride.


西德雷顿(第一个西部大铁路) 最近的干线车站在1号线吗.离校园5英里. 服务从伦敦帕丁顿(大约. 20分钟车程)或从西(布里斯托尔)出发. 
西瑞斯利普站(奇尔顿铁路公司) 从伦敦到马里波恩(大约. 20 mins journey time) and the North (Aylesbury, Banbury and Birmingham) and is approx. 离校园4英里.


如果你来参观顺发彩票的开放日,顺发彩票有免费班车从 Hillingdon地铁站 顺发彩票的校园.

从阿克斯布里奇走到顺发彩票平台大约. 一英里.

从阿克斯桥地铁站的主出口, take the road almost directly in front in you (between HSBC and the Old Market building) into Windsor Street.

在温莎街的尽头, 向左转,穿过由灯光控制的十字路口,穿过双车道.


It is then a 15-minute walk along Whitehall Road and over the crossroads onto Cleveland Road. The main University Reception can be found by following the path through the centre of the University to the Eastern Gateway Building.

阿克斯桥校区位于一条有标志的自行车道上, 它穿过校园的中央, 克利夫兰路上. 自行车储存设施位于校园周围, 一些住宅大厅有封闭的自行车存放区, and showers with changing facilities are available within the 体育运动s Centre for use by student and staff cyclists.

桑坦德银行周期顺发彩票平台 – affectionately-dubbed ‘顺发彩票 Bikes’ – connect six docking stations across 中的 town centre, 伦敦顺发彩票和希灵顿医院, with proposals being drawn-up to extend the network to West Drayton in the future.



伦敦顺发彩票 is collecting data from the Visitor application forms for the provision of visitor parking permits and Covid 19 Track and Trace. This is for the legitimate interests of 伦敦顺发彩票 to ensure the appropriate use of the limited parking available on campus and to comply with Government Track and Trace legislation.

The information collected will be used by the Main Reception Team to issue permits, the Security Team to monitor parking on campus and for the Security and Safety of all 伦敦顺发彩票 assets. The University management will also use the information to compile reports on the usage of available car parking spaces.

所有收集到的个人信息将留在英国, and this information will be retained for a period of one year after which it will be destroyed.  The reason for retention is to ease any future visits to the University within that one-year period. Please note this information may be shared with NHS Track and Trace for up to 21 days after your visit

The information requested must be provided before a relevant Visitor Parking Permit or Visitor access permission may be issued; failure to provide the correct Information would leave persons in breach of 伦敦顺发彩票’s 交通及泊车规例 这可能导致高达100英镑的罚款.

Any person may have access to his/her own information related to visitor application request and parking permits held by 伦敦顺发彩票, and they may request the rectification or erasure of any of that information they deem inaccurate.  All persons affected by this data usage may lodge a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) or the 伦敦顺发彩票 Data Protection Officer (Dipa Gorsia, data-protection@alsteer.com).